Day 12 Study Report

It has been a while since my last update, almost a week. This week, many things were set in stone, and some challenges were encountered. As far as learning is concerned, I will probably be starting a new course on UI/UX online. In addition, I will be purchasing the labs problem from the internet for the Fundamentals of Web Development book, so as to provide myself with more practical examples. I have spent the last 1 to 2 weeks ideating the first product I am gonna try building, and I have some initial thoughts.

The aim is to push out a personal project by end July, a timeline I have been monitoring very closely. With that said, I am still aiming to complete the Fundamentals of Web Development book by Randy Connolly and Ricardo Hoar by the time I push out a MVP version of my first product too, a deadline that I extended personally. I will handle the entire framework, design and coding of the site. This personal project of mine is something I am looking forward to start and complete.