Day 14 Study Report

It has been a while since I last updated about my study journey. I am officially onto advanced CSS layout, where I am learning about the positioning element, floating element and more. I am starting to appreciate the architecture of the web even more, trying to see every single web page as a block or a container. It is amazing how far along web designing has developed compared to a decade ago or even just a few years ago. Many of the existing content management systems are also getting increasingly responsive and beautiful.

I also finally understood how multi column web pages are being designed. However, it appears that multi column web pages are very old school currently. Now, the in thing appears to be a constant scrolling web page with only the top navigation bar that on hover, shows different pages. The main page tends to be a constant call to action. Moreover, as I ponder more about my learning, I realized that speed to market is extremely important. Time is a luxury that entrepreneurs do not have. As I continue on this journey, I realize that I have to increase my speed to market.

Learning is definitely not a fun journey, especially after a short hiatus. But I am happy that I am able to comprehend just a little bit more about the quirks of the web now. Looking forward to the next day of learning.