Day 15 Study Report

I am officially starting my homework for the web development book now. I have decided to make my learning concurrent with my reading. This 2 weeks, I was given lots of new responsibilities and my average day looks like this: 20% meetings, 40% main project, 25% side projects, 10% usual operational tasks/side tasks for superiors and emails and the last 5% with ideation of my work day. Of course, it is definitely much more complicated than that as I have a long and running list of projects/follow ups. However I find that I am slowly settling into the new pace at work, which means more time for study, revision and learning.

With no further delay, let me get started on some assignments on how the web works. I first learnt how to use ipconfig from the command prompt window. I wondered if that will be useful when I eventually do learn more cyber security. I was able to see both my device IP and external IP address. I then used the inspect element function in Chrome to learn more about the different requests, and the network module allowed me to view the different resources used.

Next, I learnt how to use the command prompt function to lookup the nameserver and name resolution of a particular domain. After that, I learnt how to query a nameserver for an IP address and nameserver. For example, nslookup is a useful function in command prompt to check out the connections made. nslookup -type=mx, nslookup – type=ns I then used the tracert function to trace the route of a packet from my computer to the webhost which in this case, is My request actually took 13 hops to get to the webserver at! Apparently, tracing the route is important because you can potentially know who can technically alter a packet along the way.

The last exercise involves researching web hosting costs and domain name registration costs. Both of which I do on a relatively frequent basis in the past. I have two other active domain names under my wing which I want to start some personal projects on and you can see them if you scroll to the footer.

Until my next tutorial exercise, will be studying hard and learning!