Excel OFFSET Function – Single Column to Multiple Rows Transpose

Before you continue reading, I just want to put a disclaimer and say that I am not putting out a tutorial on how to transpose data. Rather, I am simply sharing my experiences of using the OFFSET function and educating my readers that this can be done.

Have you ever wanted to do repeated transpose of data from a single column into multiple rows? The excel function, OFFSET does just that. I just learnt a new function while figuring out how to make my work more efficient. I used to do copy and paste in order to manipulate the data and it was beyond tedious, taking me hours and hours of work.
Now, I spent around 30 minutes figuring out the OFFSET function, and around 30 minutes more editing the peripheral data sets and am able to instantly transpose more than 3000 rows of single column data into a few hundred rows. I am pleased that I learnt something new. A single line of code just saved me days of work.

I am more intrigued than ever now. I am definitely going to do a deep dive into the world of computing.