JavaScript Color Guessing Game – Coursera

I have officially completed another assignment at Coursera. The whole course is taking longer than expected. While I initially planned to complete the course in less than a month, I had to postpone the deadline a few times and I am now 90% to completion. I should be done with the course by the end of the month and be on my way towards understanding full stack web development in greater depth.

I had greatly enjoyed learning from Coursera. I am also slowly acclimatizing myself to Stack Overflow, which is like a Quora for developers and coders. There were always many areas of doubt when doing self learning and I have come to appreciate programming as an incredible skill and hobby to keep myself on the edge.

For the 2nd assignment, I had to program a JavaScript color guessing game. You can take a look at it here:

I am looking forward to learning more skills.