Completion of 2nd Course on Coursera

I have officially completed the second course for the Full Stack Web Development Specialization on Coursera. It was an intensive 2 month process and I learnt about various tools, such as Bootstrap, to jQuery and even type a few command lines to install node.js and bower. It was definitely a fun experience for me, which further strengthened my resolve to blend finance and technology together.

I am currently starting my 3rd course, but on a new track. I am starting the Business and Financial Modeling Specialization simultaneously to keep myself motivated with my direction of creating a financial technology product, one which can help better the community and boost awareness of financial management. This is important for me as I came from a background in which I literally used to spend recklessly and financial management was a skill I only began to pick up during my university years.

In addition, I recently went for a meeting in which I was made aware of how much finance stuff I have literally forgotten over the months. As I develop professionally, I am excited to see what will be the next catalyst for both my personal and professional growth.