Completion of 3rd Course on Coursera

Yesterday, I completed my 3rd course on Coursera. Finance courses are generally less intensive than technical courses like programming which explains why I am able to complete it in less than a week. I was able to gain new insights into many different forms of quantitative modeling methods and am very pleased with the course. I used to be an Economics major and it was very refreshing to see how the use of Economic statistics are being applied in real world business situations. I eventually want to build an automated long term forex investor robot from the concepts I have learnt.

I am going on to my fourth course in Coursera now. I greatly enjoyed the momentum that I have managed to build up over the months and hope to complete this new course in less than 2 weeks. The next course I am moving on to is about AngularJS, which is a front end JavaScript framework. I also plan to join hackathon in the next three months to further boost and improve my technical skill sets. After the finance courses and the full stack web development specialization, I will move on to data science.