Unable to commit time to personal quantitative business course, got all main tasks done

Today was a good day in terms of both work and business. I managed to get significant work done for my job and CuraHOPE. I also had a full day of meetings with different potential clients and while there were some no-shows, the assuring fact was that they did emailed me after to explain. These are the lessons that I learnt today:

  • Life is very similar to business, there are up times and there are down times, face both with optimism and hope
  • Productivity hacks are necessary to expedite my professional commitment, learning and personal interests
    • For example, sending out 20 emails in 10 seconds through an automated system versus emailing people one by one
  • I can only attempt to work harder than my competition, to last longer than the unpredictability of business cycles
  • Consistent effort generates consistent results, and the 5 seconds rule has been helping me out quite a bit in altering my state of min