Lesson of cold calling

As a salesman and BD person, doing cold calls is one of my main job function currently. I have been making at least 100 phone calls daily (on days when I am not out meeting prospects), and about half of which do not connect. Of those that do connect, about 20% takes less than 2 minutes, 30% less than 4 minutes and 40% less than 1 minute, and somehow 10% which takes more than 5 minutes and increasingly going north of ten minutes nowadays (I track and log every call down, so at the end of the day, I can do re-targeting).

The time spent cold calling has taught me two key skills, and that is to face rejections fast and determine need even faster. The art of making cold calls, understanding needs and building trust is one of both push and pull, and I have consistently reviewed my pitch over the past 2 weeks as I continued learning about how to connect with people in a genuine, differentiated and personalized manner. That in itself has taught me to be a better listener, a more discerning business person and I would like to believe, a more incisive merchant. I rarely use presentation slides while meeting clients, and often show the product and use the whiteboard for illustration and examples.

That is the key lesson for today, beyond that, I managed to push myself to finish my backlog of interested prospects and intense follow ups. It is a constant fight, and I recommend the “5 Seconds Rule” for people who are interested in truly making a difference to their work and what they are fighting for to stay focused and determined.