Should be able to get all things done, but probably at 2 AM and need to wake up at 5.30 AM for a run

Today was an intense day, I managed to clear all of the required tasks, and am really stretching my days out now. It is truly tiresome yet I strangely seem to be in the zone of focus and concentration. However, I know I have to push myself harder because somewhere somehow, there will be a person who will be driving himself/herself even harder and for me to create a unique differentiation, I have to do a mindshift. I need to ensure optimal alertness, and I have found that chocolates help.

Also, an additional insight came to me today. Some people say that in the business world, people do not always fight righteously, and I comprehended the full meaning of that phrase. Will share more subsequently, but for now I have to drive myself even harder.

Update: went to bed at 2.15 AM, 3 hours of sleep and then a morning run to perk myself up! Please don’t burn out.