Some rest, and full force motivation again

This weekend, it was a really sloppy day for me. I made up for my sleep debt, clocking in at least 10 hours of sleep. However, the heartening fact is that I did manage to get some things done, and was able to spend a fruitful weekend with my daughter and family. As I continue to run and push myself even harder, there will be times when I feel like I am crumbling from the stress and seek solace in entertainment, such as videos and games. This habit of defaulting to my comfort zone has to change, and I should learn to enjoy the real things that really matter.

I am going to continue to work on my data science, computer science, finance and cybersecurity courses. I might be stretching myself a bit too thin, but I believe in opening up the capabilities of the human potential and hopefully, one day, it will all click and I gain an undefeatable will. The race to the top will not be easy, but this is all part of the process.

From a professional perspective, always learning to be a better listener, hustler and sincere human being, something which might be lacking in this world of instant gratification.