Time is a commodity which is limited, and finally understood the definition of focus

Everything we are trying to pursue in life requires time, some lesser, some much more. After repeatedly trying to juggle various concurrent activities, I feel overwhelmed by the numbers of tasks I have to do, and I am constantly playing catch up. Yet, this exact feeling of trying to catch up, to be a better version of myself and driving myself harder is exactly what forces me to stretch beyond my own limits. I feel myself growing exponentially, but I am just afraid it might not last.

There are times when I feel giddy while walking, even though I exercise beyond my limits every single day and I don’t faint… yet 🙂 I have to drive myself even harder and learn so much more, and sleep is just 4 hours a day now.

On a side note, the only history that is worth remembering is the history we made today. I take no credit for this quote, Henry Ford said something similar.