Life is about constantly pushing yourself forward, even when things are tough

It is not easy to feel motivated when there so many obstacles coming your way, but there are only two logical options to consider, one is to continue and the other is to give up. Nobody knows if constantly moving forward will result in good outcomes, but we do it because we think we can stand on top of the challenges after all the challenges are over.

For me, that applies no matter whether I am:

  • Working and fighting, trying to drive deals forward
  • Learning new things and subjects in life
  • Trying to exercise and keeping myself healthy for my family

Today was a day of some headaches, and me constantly telling myself to keep moving and keeping my head high. It will not be easy, but I know relentless hard work differentiates the successful from the ones who fall out of the race. Hopefully, someday, I am able to keep people motivated and feeling good about themselves.